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Polaris Sports Limited – Portugal Branch (hereafter “Polaris Sports Limited”), responsible for the website (hereafter “Website”), is committed to complying with personal data protection, privacy and information security legislation.

Polaris Sports Limited does not collect any personal data via the Website (e.g. name, contacts, address, etc). However, to the extent it uses cookies, Polaris Sports Limited advises and invites you to read the following text.

1. What are cookies

A cookie is a small text file with relevant information that is downloaded by users’ devices when they access websites. Cookies enable information to be stored on the server, in order to improve users’ navigation experience and to analyse and review the performance of websites.

Cookies may be first-party cookies, installed on the user’s device by the website manager, or third- party cookies, installed by a third party, due to the website manager having incorporated these cookies onto its page.

Cookies give you a safe browsing experience, making it simpler and faster.

2. What cookies are there and what is their duration

(i) Essential cookies: These are cookies that do not depend on prior consent being obtained from the user and are essential to the functioning of the website or supply of the requested service.

(ii) Performance and statistical cookies: These are cookies that enable information to be obtained about the way a determined website is used, also collecting browsing information (e.g. the number of users who visit the website, the duration of this visit and which website pages are visited), allowing the website to be improved and adapted to the type of use that is made.

(iii) Functional cookies: These are cookies that allow users to be recognised when they return to the website, enabling some content to be personalised (e.g., memorising the selected language).

(iv) Marketing cookies: These cookies enable customised marketing to be displayed to users in line with their interests.

In terms of duration, cookies may be session cookies – which expire when the user disconnects the browser – or persistent cookies – that remain on users’ devices after the session and enable the

website to recognise the device in future interactions, remaining until the end of the period defined by the website manager or until the user removes them.

3. Cookie types used by Polaris Sports Limited and their validity

Polaris Sports Limited uses cookies and similar first-party devices – originating on its domains – needed for good technical operation of the Website (essential cookies). Polaris Sports Limited does not use third-party cookies.

Session cookies: Polaris Sports Limited only uses technical cookies. Technical cookies are necessary to browse our website and allow users to be recognised (without identifying them), indicating their visit to this page or another one and facilitate browsing, because they adapt the presentation of the site to the user’s display preferences (e.g. screen resolution), so ensuring safe browsing on the Website. Technical cookies cannot be deactivated or redefined without the risk of making access to the Website impossible.

4. How to manage cookies

Users can manage their cookies on the terms set out below. However, Polaris Sports Limited website functionalities will not operate correctly if users do not allow a determined minimum level of cookies, affecting navigation on the Website.

Different browsers enable you to display the cookies on your equipment and block or delete them, individually or totally. If you wish, via your browser you can:

· Block, delete or enable all cookies;

· Block third-party cookies;

· Clean all cookies when you close the browser;

· Open a private or anonymous browser session that allows navigation on the web without recording the browsing history or storing local data, such as cookies;

· Install plug-ins that enhance browser functionalities.

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